Bulging Disc Pain And Treatment Risks – Know about the risks

Are you suffering from low back pain, or pain in the lumbar region as it’s called? It could be a bulging disc pain, also known as a herniated disc, and is very painful. There are many causes including car accidents, lifting heavy objects improperly, or even degenerative disc disease. However you have contracted the disc problem, you will know by the pain that it is serious and needs to be treated.

No matter what is the cause of the bulging disc, you certainly need to seek treatment as fast as possible as the pain and symptoms could get worse without it. A bulging disc is really when the soft jelly-like center (called the nucleus pulposus) bulges or sometimes even leaks out of a disc through the ruptured outer covering of the disc, known as the annulus fibrosus. Depending on how severe the rupture is it can be sometimes treated with therapy and exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles, or even surgery if it is too far out of the disc. This is a dangerous situation, as the disc acts as a cushion for the vertebrae and when if becomes pushed too far out of place, the spinal column is at risk.

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The initial treatment for a bulging disc pain normally is pain medications, although this is a short-term solution since many are too addictive to use on a long-term basis. Realignment of the spine if it is possible can be done by a chiropractor, and he would also recommend other treatments to help ease the pain and realign the muscles again. Many times those with bulging discs can only treat the pain, as the only other solution may be risky surgery.

At times bulging discs can cause nerve impingement, which means that pressure is put on the nerves in the spinal column due to the disc being somewhat out of place on one side or another. Depending on where the disc is located in the back, whether cervical, lumbar, or thoracic, pain and or numbness can be a symptom anywhere from the arms to the legs or other body parts. Weakness of the body on one side or the other is also common in these cases. This cialis online is quite dangerous as well as painful, and must be corrected before permanent damage can occur.

Once the spinal column is compromised, typically a person will try to adjust to the pain by favoring one side or the other which weakens the muscles on the other side of the body. In some cases treatment such as back braces are used to support the lower back so that a person can continue living a normal life. Also devices such as inversion tables, which are tables mounted on a swivel so that one end can be positioned higher than the other are used to relieve pressure on a bulging disc. This action decompresses the spine, and helps to alleviate pain. If you are experiencing severe lower back pain due to a bulging disc, you will probably try any treatment for even a brief amount of relief.