Best Youtube Converter Software For Businesses

Are you looking for an excellent Youtube converter software for your business that works without any fuss? We got you covered. In this article, we will go through some of the best software that you can use for downloading videos from Youtube and converting them to other formats. The Youtube converters mentioned below comes in an installable software format that is perfect to use with businesses. Without further ado, let’s start:

1. Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player is actually a flexible video player that allows users to convert youtube to mp4, mp3, and any other commonly used formats. Elmedia Player will allow you to watch any videos from Youtube without adverts once you downloaded the video.

Elmedia Player works with any kind of file format, allowing to convert Youtube videos into almost any file type. Additionally, aside from letting you watch videos ad free by downloading the video first, this video player even supports ad-free video streaming from Youtube and other major video sharing sites like Dailymotion and Vimeo.

With the use of Elmedia Player, it is very simple to download soundtracks or extract music from Youtube videos. Just download the videos and save them in an audio format that you are comfortable with.

Having said that, Elmedia Player comes with some disadvantages as well. It comes with a reduced download speed, requiring at least 2 minutes to download a video. However, that waiting time is common for the majority of media converters that support Youtube. Additionally, this video player does not come with an introduction on how to use the app, so you might have a hard time understanding how to use it completely especially if you are not that tech savvy.

2. AnyTrans

The next Youtube downloader and converter on our list is AnyTrans, which also works with other websites. It can also be used as a file manager, and it works well in that regard. AnyTrans is able to combine with a total of 900 websites and counting. AnyTrans will support downloads and conversions from all supported websites, which includes Youtube and a variety of other video sharing and uploading websites.

AnyTrans supports device sync, allowing users to switch from one computer to another while preventing the loss of files. It also comes with security features, protecting your data and files from loss and other security risks.

One of the disadvantages of using AnyTrans is that it has a somehow limited file format support. As of the moment of writing this article, it only supports MP3, WebM, and M4A formats. If you are looking to convert to a file format that is not mentioned above, we recommend you to use other converters mentioned in this list. Additionally, AnyTrans does not support downloading multiple files at once, so if that is a feature that you cannot live without, this video converter is not for you. If you are willing to overlook these downsides , however, AnyTrans is a solid video converter and downloader that will work wonders.