Best Dating Advice For Gay and Bisexual Men

Dating is a tough job if you belong to the LBTQ community because of the many social taboos that exist. However, things have become quite easy now as people are becoming more liberal about the community. It does not matter if you are straight, bisexual or gay, going for the first date can always be a big deal. You will feel more conscious than before and also get nervous as well. So, if you are planning to go out on a date with a new person, here are the best dating advice for you.

  • ​Date outside your type

you can go for a date with a guy who is outside your type. There is no harm in dating someone who is different than you are. You should not reject anyone based on the fact that they don’t match your standards or hobbies. Be open to all kinds of guys and it will help you to widen your dating options greatly.

  • Video chat beforehand

it is always a wise decision to video chat before you go out on a date. In this way you can avoid get to know more about the person and understand how he thinks. This will help you realize if you really want to date the guy and would be interested to go out or not. A brief video chat for one or two days can help you break the ice and make the most out of the situation you are in.

  • Don’t plan dates in advance

if you plan the dates too much in advance, it takes away the excitement from it. Try to plan the date a day or two before. This will help to spice things up and you can also keep the day booked only for the date and no other work.

  • Don’t try to force attraction

you must never try to force attraction on someone. It is a absolutely okay if you are not comfortable or willing to spend more time with a guy. It is better to not go in a relationship or force attraction on someone whom you don’t like. This will create several problems later on. If you are not sure about whether you like the guy or not then you can go on another date & discover your feelings.


  • Talk and converse more

you have to talk and get to know the other person at your first date. Discuss about a few interesting and controversial topics and see what the guy thinks & believes in. Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable. You should not pretend and always be true about your likings and thinking. This will not only make your date more memorable but will also help you to know lot about the other person.


So, here are the top things you should check out before going out on a date with a guy. There are several gay dating sites that can be found these days and you should visit them in order to find the right partner you were looking for.