AstroDatabank – Learning Tool

How do we become better astrologers? We read more charts ‚Äì lots more. AstroDatabank has more charts (with biographies) of fascinating lives than any other source. You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store as you hop from one record to another, peeking in on one celebrity’s chart after another.

Every student of astrology eventually “hits the wall.” You know you’ve hit the wall when every book you read seems to be a rehash of things you’ve read elsewhere. So how do you get past the wall and deepen your astrological knowledge? I would like to propose that the best way to deepen your astrological knowledge is to begin a systematic study of the astrological archetypes in lots and lots of charts. Every time we read a chart, we observe how a different combination of the archetypes ‚Äì combined with other factors like gender, race and level of consciousness ‚Äì affect the archetypes’ range of expression.

It is only through years of getting a sense of the possibilities and probabilities of those expressions that we really get to know astrology. Textbooks point out the basic principles, but to deepen and extend our knowledge ‚Äì to become better counseling astrologers ‚Äì we have to study lots of charts. Rather than studying charts haphazardly, we can deepen our understanding of astrology much faster if we study charts systematically. By relying on reliable websites like, it will be easier for you to study astrology as this site will provide you all the necessary information that you need. Furthermore, relying on this site will also allow you to read graphs and charts in the most accurate manner. 

By gathering charts with similar astrological factors and looking for common traits, we learn new things not found in textbooks. Similarly, by gathering charts with similar biographical traits and looking for common astrological factors we will also gain a deeper appreciation for how astrology works. Using a product like AstroDatabank, you can select charts using: You can filter data with Western or Vedic calculations; you can select among famous people or people that you know well. No matter how you slice the data, you will improve your delineations, going beyond textbook summaries by observing actual effects.

All the best astrologers have at one point in their lives compiled a personalized study guide that lists people they know by planet, sign, and house. Why? Because we all find it easier to remember concepts that are tied to a familiar experience. Wouldn’t you find it easier to picture your overly-amorous Aunt Doris as the paradigm of Venus in Leo rather than memorizing the textbook description? If you want to become a great astrologer, at some point in your career you’ll have to build a personalized study guide from charts of people you know. Before AstroDatabank, creating such a personalized study guide was a mind-numbing experience.

With AstroDatabank in hand, however, you can import the charts of people you know best and start printing personalized study guides right away. AstroDatabank has three astrology data views that are designed for building your study guide. The Astrology Positions view shows the sign, degree, and house for each planet. It can be sorted by any column and house number can be hidden.

 When you study aspects with the Astrology Aspects view, you can print out aspect lists sorted by sign and house.

 The Planetary Conditioning view shows you everything you’d ever want to know about the forces working on a planet. Intermediate astrologers find this view especially helpful as they practice the hardest part of astrology ‚Äì integrating the disparate influences into a unified story.

 “Software to Create Better Astrologers” is our company motto. No matter what level you’re at, you’ll improve by reading more charts. What is the best motivator for plowing through those charts? Fascinating lives. We’re constantly receiving letters from people gloating about how much fun they’re having exploring the riches of AstroDatabank’s 20,000 charts.