An Ultimate Guide Of Go Fest Skill Challenge In Pokemon Go!

In the pokemon go game, the go fest skill challenge is considered which comes with some special type of awards. There are basically three steps in playing this game which you have to complete before the give deadline. Also, once a player has done the go fest skill challenge then they will give the ability to consider the go fest elite skill challenge. This challenge comes with different type of steps in which first the player has to catch 20 pokemon so that they can easily establish this challenge and visit on the next step. After this the player needs to consider and make 5 throws accurately and nicely which varies with 10 pokemon balls. For catching and attracting the pokemons, it is listed that the user has to use 5 berries so that they will be able to catch the pokemon easily. When the player will complete the first challenge then they will get 100XP as well as 1 golden razzberry which they can use earlier. You can visit on the pokemon go google account where you will be able to find about all the information about pokemon go game and its amazing challenges. 

In the next step you have to catch 30 pokemon in which you have to throw the ball for atleast 10 times and after this you have to transfer 20 pokemon. When the player has done this then they will get reward of ducklet encounter as well as 30 XP and 1 silver pinap berry. They can use these rewards earlier for aiming the pokemon.

Know about the 3 challenge and its rewards as:

When the player will reach towards the third challenge then they have to catch 50 pokemons and while throwing balls to the pokemon, their aim should be excellent and clear and in order to this, you have to throw 10 ultra-balls on the pokemon and latsly catching some 15 different type of species for pokemon will help you to get the rewards of flying pikachu encounter, 1 candy which is rare as well as exclusive as well as one star piece. All these are rewarded to the payer when they have reached towards the third challenge and complete them. 

When the player has done all these challenges then they will be shifted to another challenge while is the elit skill challenge and it is also interesting to consider this challenge which comes with some amazing rewards for all its users. 

What is an elit skill challenge and list its rewards?

When a player is considering the elit skill challenge then in the beginning the very first step to be consider is to catch 100 pokemon with the help of 5 pokeballs. The next thing is to consider is catching 25 different and unique type of species for the pokemon by using the 5-great type of balls. And the third step is to consider the 50 excellent and unique throws for catching the pokemon by using the 5 ultra-balls. By considering these throws and balls you will be able to catch the pokemon easily. Despite of this, when we talk about the rewards then the player will be rewarded by 500 XP, 500 stardust as well as 5 razz berries. It also helps you to unlock some of the new goals and challenges for considering different levels of go fest skill challenge in pokemon go game. 

Lastly, all the important as well as useful information is listed in the above section through which it will become beneficial for you to get rewards by doing the challenges.