Addictions Can Make You Fat – Eliminate the fat 

Do addictions and cravings keep sabotaging your good intentions? Sabotage your good intentions of losing weight, getting healthier, and changing your habits of a life time, habits that speed up your aging and degeneration process. Being addicted or having powerful cravings is a real problem for many people. You are probably one of a vast number of people who are hooked. It’s a viscous circle. You know the situation, you are not really hungry and yet you eat far too much and in fact sometimes eat until you feel nauseous or so full it’s uncomfortable. Why is that?

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Here are some of the typical foods and drinks you might be addicted to?

  • Chocolate

some people think the chocolate they eat is good for them, that it is healthy! There is some chocolate on the market that could be classed as healthy, however the chocolate most people eat certainly isn’t good for them. The average chocolate on the shelves is going to speed up aging and deterioration. 100% cocoa is bursting with anti-oxidants and if you are buying 70 to 80% cocoa rich chocolate than you are certainly eating a healthy version. Most people eat the other stuff that is only about 27% cocoa, the other 73% is sugar and fat. NOT healthy and very addictive.

  • White flour

covers a vast amount of different foods, from bread, cookies, crackers, pastry and so on. This substance is destructive and highly addictive for some people.

  • Sugar

is found in so many foods theses days. A couple of hundred years ago sugar was worth its weight in silver and was kept under lock and key, because it was then recognized for how addictive it was. For many decades sugar has been subsidized making it very cheap, hence why it is found in such abundance. This is another highly addictive and totally destructive substance that will encourage aging and degeneration.

  • HFCS

high fructose corn syrup (not to be confused with fructose from fresh fruit, there is a world of difference). This is even cheaper than sugar and found in even more products – highly addictive.

  • Caffeine

found in tea, coffee, and more soft drinks (sodas) than you may realize, even in soft drinks where you wouldn’t expect to find caffeine, like in orange flavoured soft drinks. Caffeine keeps us wanting more.

  • Artificial Sweeteners

much research has made it clear that products with artificial sweeteners will encourage a craving for sweet and fatty foods, the very foods that will act like a catalyst to for more. Besides, these sweeteners are chemical – stop poisoning yourself. Do not be fooled with the advertising hype about these substances.

  • Processed, highly refined fats 

these are also found on our supermarket shelves in abundance of products. Found in so many products, it takes studying the labels to uncover them.

Alcohol, we already know that alcohol can be addictive. The latest figures from the health department show we are drinking too much, its on the increase.

Dairy products – some people have a problem with cheese and find it compulsive .

After 20 year almost at the clinic we have seen many people with quite serious chronic conditions and/or weight problems who tell me they don’t have any addictions. Not realizing until they are asked – for instance give up cheese or sugar panic sets in – if I ask them to give up apples or pears they don’t bat and eye lid (this an example I don’t ask people to give up pears).

However, after the initial panic has subsided – most people understand the situation.

The first step is to write down in a daily journal everything you eat and drink.

Most people are surprised when they see it all written down in black and white. It’s the first time some people actually fully appreciate what they are doing, what they are really eating and drinking in the course of a week. For most people have really little idea what they eat and how much they eat, until they see it all written down.

Think about it, you know deep down that some foods are so more-ish – open up a packet of chocolate cookies, see how soon it is before you want another one and then just one more, before you have eaten than you intended and you weren’t even hungry! Most people wouldn’t consider gorging on foods like apples somehow they just don’t have the same appeal or fill the same need. Back to our chocolate cookies, for some people just knowing there is a open packet of cookies drives them crazy, needing to finish the packet, hungry or not. Then comes the feeling of being bloated, sleepy and guilt sets in.

All those good intentions sabotaged again. Or maybe you are one of many people who just need for something fatty and starchy with sugar or salty at around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Around this time consciously or subconsciously your concentration begins to fail, maybe you start getting a headache, irritable or maybe just plain tired (without being totally aware). You may think this is just stress. You convince yourself you need something to give you energy to get you through the rest of the day. Some people are like this around 11 in the morning too.

By the things you choose to consume you are messing around with your blood sugar levels. Once you are on this trend-mill its takes a really concerted effort to get off. These fluctuating blood sugar levels are certainly sabotaging your plans for a healthy long slim life. The body has a built-in safety mechanism that protects us to a degree from ourselves, but there is only so much it can do before it becomes compromised.

Things you can do straight away –

  • change to the 70 to 80% cocoa rich chocolate
  • change to whole-wheat only, cutting down the amount of wheat products you eat
  • remove sugar from your diet – eat fresh, frozen or dried fruit instead
  • change your artificial sweeteners for a more natural one called stevia easy to find in most supermarkets
  • change from drinking coffee to green tea (contains naturally less caffeine) research shows green tea helps with weight-loss
  • never drink alcohol on an empty stomach – no pre-dinner drinks, drink wine with a meal, if you like having a drink

Keep that journal and record your reactions, over the years we have seen many people be quite surprised when they realize their reaction and their relationship to certain foods – you may think you don’t have a problem but your journal might reveal a different story.