Acer S201HL Review Budget Winner?

Acer S201HL is a 20 inch LED monitor which can be a great choice for technology users who are looking for a mid range eye catching LED display. This monitor features an ultra slim design along with white LED backlighting which made it energy saving and eco friendly. The image quality is outstanding and the monitor is great for both gaming and DVDs. It comes with both HDMI and DVI interfaces. The monitor is backed up by a 3 year warranty by the manufacturer.

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The Acer S201HL features Acer Adaptive Contrast Management which boosts the contrast ratio to unbelievable 12,000,000:1. This feature ensures that you will get the highest level of image clarity and detail available today. The Acer Adaptive Contrast Management optimizes the contrast by adjusting the image frame by frame, analyzing every frame and adding details in every scene. Moreover, the SCM technology makes the monitor to use less power.

  • The Acer S201HL 20″ Widescreen LED Backlit Monitor’s 1600×900 maximum resolutions adds a new level of enjoyment to your computer games.
  • Watch vibrant movies in any lighting using its 12,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. The Acer S201HL 20″ Widescreen LED Backlit Monitor tilts to create the perfect viewing angle.

For those who are looking for a eco friendly monitor, the Acer S201HL used up to 68% less energy than other monitors which makes the monitor energy star certified. The LED display is mercury free and ultra thin where the thickness is only 15mm. The HDMI and DVI connectivity offer fast connection and you can connect your camcorder, digital camera, and DVD and Blu-ray player with the monitor very easily. The monitor also features Acer eColor management which gives the user full access to tweak the display to get the best image quality

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The reviews of the Acer S201HL suggest that the color of the monitor is vibrant. The magical contrast ratio can display high quality images whether it is light or dark. The color accuracy is great for the price. The monitor features a 5ms response time which is great for gaming and movies.

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What some of the users are saying about Acer S201HL

One viewer stated that the display offers magnificent image quality. He also praised the gorgeous super sleek design. Another user mentioned it a great screen at a great price. Overall the product received 4 and a half star for its outstanding performance and customer satisfaction.


Acer S201HL is really a great option for users who are in search of an affordable but great looking monitor. At below 150 US$ price tag it is one of the best available out there. These are the best when it comes to choosing the monitors. There are varieties of vertical computer monitor that will help people perform various task.