A Brief Guide To Help You Take Care Of Your Designer Handbags And Shoes

If you are a fan of designer bags and shoes and loves to own designer bags and shoes, you will know the amount of investment this stuff takes out of our bank account. Hence, it becomes vitally important for you to ensure that you are storing your designer bags and shoes or any other accessories in the right way to make sure they stay safe and are well protected from any damage. Designer items are a huge investment, and therefore caring becomes extremely crucial. The more and more care one takes off their beloved bags and shoes, the longer will they last so that you may enjoy them for several years in the future to come. Continue reading this guide to learn some of the finest ways that will help you take care of your favorite designer footwear and bags at home.

So without further ado, let’s jump straight into this lesson on how you take care of your designer handbags and shoe.

The Storage

The very first step to thoroughly care for the designer shoes and handbags is ensuring they are stored in a nice, clean, & dry place to prevent your designer accessories from soiling them, particularly when you opt to have them all out on the show. Otherwise, when one wants to tuck all their accessories away, several people like to place their shoes in the chosen dust bag and next inside a shoebox. The dust bag is especially crucial when on a journey as this will help prevent unnecessary damage and scratches while in transit.

Daily Usage and The Care

Proper care becomes extremely crucial when one wears their designer shoes or happens to carry their designer bag with them every day. Also, if one does not use these things daily, taking some care will make sure they last a tad bit longer into going forward. Here are a few tips to assist you in keeping the items safer and are well cared for.

Dust exposure

The dust buildup may make one’s beautiful shoes and bags look a bit dirty and can even cause those minor scratches. Try and always store the accessories in their designated dust bag or a box they come in whenever accessible and possible. A clear bag and shoe display boxes are another excellent way to store the shoes and bags while safeguarding them from nasty dust.

Protection from the weather

Humidity, moisture, sunlight, and heat can damage designer shoes and bags. Most designer accessories are made up of leather, and it’s one material that’s particularly vulnerable to a weather-related sort of damage. Protect the shoes and bags by storing them straight out of the direct sunlight. When it is raining outside, you need to avoid using them as any contact with the water may cause water spots or discoloration. Use the quality conditioning product of leather to keep your shoes and bags pliable and attractive regardless of what the weather has to bring.

Quick and easy cleaning

Gently turn the shoes and bags upside down, then shake them well before using them only to get rid of the dust or dirt that might well be sitting inside. Also, you may use alcohol-free baby wipes to clean the exterior and interior before using them.


It is essential to take off stains the right way to evade damaging the designer bags and shoes. Always gently go to blot stains or spill away with the soft, non-abrasive clothing.

For the food stains, utilize the crushed white chalk to that affected spot and let that sit overnight. The next day, wipe that chalk away gently with a clean and dry cloth. To know more, check out the Homepage of other sites, and you will know more.