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Travel Tips – Business Etiquette While Traveling to Europe

There is a popular saying, “when in Rome, act like a Roman.” There are so many differences between the cultures of Americans and Europeans. Here are some travel tips to keep in mind while traveling on a business trip to Europe.

Dress appropriately:

The business casuals worn in Europe are pretty conservative. Dark colors such as black, navy blue and charcoal are preferred colors. Men should avoid shirts that have pockets and even if they have pockets, take care not to overstuff it with things. Empty pockets or pockets with handkerchiefs are best. Similarly do not wear ties with any patterns.

Europeans still use a person’s title and last name to address them. They use first names only when they have known that person for long. Europeans are more conservative and reserved in nature. First impressions last long. When two business men meet, they usually shake hands as a way to greet each other. When meeting a woman, the men usually greet the woman and offers a handshake only if the woman puts her hand out first. Keep the handshakes light and not very hard and assertive. Eye contact should be mild and for a short duration. Else it would be perceived as being assertive.

Table manners are an important part of travel etiquette. Being loud and rude to waiters or waitresses is not good. When you are calling the waiter for a bill or something else, just try to wave to the waiter and get his attention. Be sure to know how to use your table utensils. Do not chew or slurp loudly at the table and eat your food at a normal pace rather than diving into it and gobbling it up. If possible, try to take a small refresher course from your company on business etiquette before you travel.

It is hard to find a young lad with good etiquettes as most of them are aggressive and rebellious by nature with a stubborn streak of having things their way with no scope of a compromise, which is why they often end up in the wrong place and makes this refresher course more important for them as this is not your regular holiday nomad time in Atlanta.

Always be punctual to your meetings and other appointments. Usually, guests in Europe arrive about 10-20 minutes ahead of time for any scheduled meeting. Plan your trip so that you do not arrive too early or too late. Europeans’ business hours normally start at 9:00 am and end at between 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Give respect to these work hours and always make it a point to complete your business related works with Europeans before they close. Always be courteous and formal when you are doing business deals with Europeans. When in conservation with Europeans, try to steer away from political topics or other personal matters that may seem sensitive. Check out the link for more information. Be sure to research more about your place of travel on the Internet, before you set off. That should help you prep up for the travel.

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The Muppets: Familiar, Furry and Fashionable

Green is the new black as far as fashion is concerned. After a 12-year hiatus from the silver screen, the Muppets, last seen in outer space, are heading back to terra firma and into theaters nationwide this Thanksgiving. And while Kermit  amp; Gang are attempting to save their beloved Muppet Theater in Disney’s The Muppets, they are also bringing along with them several fashionable merchandising tie-ins that will appeal to existing and new fans alike.

The Muppets’ de facto leader has some major legs (mmm, frog legs…yikes, don’t go there!), so it makes sense that Kermit would have some serious hops, courtesy of Adidas, the sports apparel and shoe company. Coined the Superstar 2.0 Kermit, this lily-pad green suede shoe features Kermit’s signature felt collar over the shoe’s tongue and the phrase “The Original HipHop” inscribed on the side in gold lettering. They are available online for $80 for adults and $50 for children. If you’re not hopping happy at the sight of this sneaker, Adidas also offers an Animal high-top style, complete with an orange fuzzy shoe interior, embossed drumstick design and chain-link studded patent leather overlay suitable for the monster within us all.

We can only dream of emulating the world’s most divine swine, the one and only Miss Piggy. From the roots of her magnificent blonde locks to her tips of her elegant elbow-length satin gloves, this hip hog has always set the bar stylishly high. OPI, the cosmetics company with fabulously named nail polish shades, has introduced The Muppets line of nail polish. Comprised of 12 movie-inspired colors, the fashionable fan can paint her 10 fingers and 10, err, piggies in trendy colors such as Gone Gonzo, Wocka Wocka, Fresh Frog of Bel Air and the Miss Piggy-approved Excuse Moi! OPI is available at Trade Secrets, ULTA, JC Penney and select nail salons.

They are some of the best ladies fashion clothing brand that you can find in the market today without having to think too much because piggies have been a long standing fashion trend where the color patterns are an added bonus to the mixture.

Warm and fuzzy could describe the majority of the Muppets characters, but those adjectives are also applicable to another Muppets product tie-in from Los Angeles-based hipster headgear company, SpiritHoods. Adults who love Kermit the Frog – but love being cutting-edge even more – can don the Great Green One’s visage in their hat-cum-scarf combo.Kids can follow suit in Kermit, Animal and Miss Piggy styles. The limited-edition Muppets characters collection has pieces for both children and adults and ranges in price from $99 to $169. The hats are available online at SpiritHoods’ website and at the uber-trendy Los Angeles boutique Fred Segal, but the audacity to wear them – borrow that from Miss Piggy.

When you’re watching Disney’s The Muppets in a turkey induced tryptophan haze and outfitted in your most comfy elastic waist-banded velour lounge pants, gaze up at the impeccably dressed Kermit. Moviegoers, prepare to turn green with envy. While Kermit admits he doesn’t always dress up – or even get dressed – when he does, he says he prefers something “timeless, classic and expertly crafted.” Lucky for the frog, Brooks Brothers, the highly-respected clothing retailer that has dressed U.S. Presidents, captains of industry and Academy Award-winning thespians, designed Kermit’s wardrobe for the movie and finally provides him with clothing choices that make the man – oops, frog.

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Free Movies- Dime a Dozen with All Time Classics of Cinema

The holiday season ended last month but this year has been entirely different as the Covid-19 has sent the entire nation into holiday mode for the past six months without any warning of sorts.

The deadly virus has already claimed thousands of lives while the death toll has risen to an alarming rate till now even as the doctors of all nations have come together to work out a vaccine to eradicate this pandemic once and for all.

As a result, the federal governments of all nations have issued a nationwide lockdown in order to curb the number of deaths, a solution that has succeeded to an extent and everyone has found new alternatives to pastime within the confines of the four walls of their house.

Popular Choice

Luckily, this is the modern age of social media unlike the 90s when resources were limited to comic books and video home system where movies were limited to video cassettes and TV channels too were few and far between.

When it comes to movies, there are way too many to be taken into consideration but still it is important to mention some important ones that have become popular during the lockdown period.

Now, the younger generation is too enamored with the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio, Tobey Maguire and their ilk with movies like Titanic, Spiderman, Avengers and other mindless action adventures to pay attention to some all time classics of the bygone era.

Agreed, it is a matter of popular choice but if young folks are ignorant about the likes of Marlon Brand, Robert De Nero, Jack Nicholson then they are missing out on cinematic feast that has become a rare find in today’s cinema.

As mentioned above, times have changed for the better where the corona virus lockdown has shut down theatres due to which OTT platforms have become more popular for quite a while now.

Best Site

It looks like over-the-top online platforms are slowly going to takeover movie theatres and web-series are rendering movies obsolete where a single story can be enjoyed in the form of a TV show rather than an hour and a half film.

When it comes to watching online movies for free, we have many websites to look forward to so let us take a look at some of them so that the readers might get an idea where to look for.

  • Netflix

The most popular and obvious one which is why it is at the top of the list where you can avail the best movies of different eras

  • Amazon Prime Video

It is popular not only in the United States, but across the globe which has opened the windows for different film industries so that other people might look beyond Hollywood for good content

An important addition to the list as it contains dubbed movies from different languages that are popular all over the world


when it comes to reviewing movies, there is no better option than IMDB but it is an important platform for streaming movies as well

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Decade Birthday Gift Ideas

Who doesn’t love to reminisce about their childhood? Even people who have had a bad childhood remember and love items from the decade they were born. This year surprise your loved ones with decade birthday gifts. This should be a gift that simply screams the decade it’s from. The following are just a few great ideas for decade birthday gifts.

Decade Birthday Gifts #1: DVDs

Many older movies are being brought out on DVD. These movies would make the perfect decade birthday gift. This may take a little bit of research though. Do a search on Google and find out which movies won Oscars for being the best picture. The best picture from the year the person was born would make a wonderful decade birthday gift.

Decade Birthday Gifts #2: CDs

It’s easy to tell the difference between music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. Each decade had its own sound and beat. The best part about this birthday gift is that you can actually buy sets of CDs from certain decades. For example, you can buy a CD set of the best music from the 70s.

Decade Birthday Gifts #3: Candy Gift Basket

If there is one thing people remember about their childhood, its candy. Candy that is hard to find is even more memorable. People long to have the candies that they used to eat when they were children, but many of these treats can be hard to find. You can either visit a specialty store online or you can also order packages that are filled with candy from certain decades. For the benefit, the bulk gifts singapore should be selected through the people. The charges for the gift are available at online search engines. The bulk purchase will be the best decision of the person for the ideas for door decoration. 

Decade Birthday Gifts #4: Toys

If you want to put a smile on someone’s face, give them a toy from their childhood. In the past few decades we have seen several toys that very memorable. A few great examples would be Barbie, G.I. Joe, Hot Wheels, the Slinky, and the Easy Bake Oven. Believe or not, adults will play with these toys and enjoy every minute of it.

Decade Birthday Gifts #5: Games

Another great category of decade birthday gifts would be games. Depending on the decade, you may want to choose board games or video games. An original NES would be a great birthday gift for people born in the 80s. While adults born in the 70s may think an Atari is the ultimate birthday gift.

Decade Birthday Gifts #6: Books

Throughout the decades there have been several masterpieces written that would make great birthday gifts. This is another birthday gift that will require research. Take time and do a Google search to discover which books topped bestseller lists during the year your loved one was born. This will either be a great serious gift or a gag gift depending on what the book is.

Decade Birthday Gifts #7: Fashion Gifts

Something else that screams the decade it’s from is fashion. This is, of course, a gag gift. For people born in the 80s, buy them a pair of parachute pants. For people born in the 60s buy them a pair of bell bottoms and don’t forget to surprise your loved ones born in the 70s with a pair of platform boots.

Decade Birthday Gifts #8: Cars

Cars have changed a lot over the past few decades. There have been some real beauties and some that were hideous. Either way, this is a great birthday gift. While, it may not be possible to buy an actual car, you can still surprise your loved one with a Hot Wheels version of the car.

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The Health Benefits and Uses of Olive Oil

Olive oil the all-around oil. It can be used for cooking with the Best Carbon Steel Pans, health, and beauty. Olive oil helps create healthy and tasty stir-fries and dressings, or it can be used for keeping the heart-healthy and strong. My other people use it as a massage oil to help keep their skin radiant and silky soft. The uses of olive oil are endless.

Let’s start off by explaining what olive oil is. Olive oil is a monounsaturated oil that comes from smashing and squishing olives to extract the oil from them whether they be green or black. The oil from the olives has a rich yellowish-green color and a very oily texture. Olive oil is mainly used in cooking in stir-fries to help crisp or the vegetables and fruits, or used as a natural skin care product for hydrating and softening the skin and body up naturally since it is a natural moisturizer. Olive oil also contains many health benefits because it is loaded with tons of antioxidants that help prevent illnesses within the body.

When olive oil is used for cooking it is usually used for frying up vegetables and meats in frying pans because it contains healthy fats that are better for you than butter is. Olive oil is a healthy option to make heart-healthy salad dressings instead of using ingredients like mayonnaise, eggs, and creams. It can also be drizzled over toasted bread to give them a bit of flavor and texture.

Olive oil can also be used as a health supplement for getting those powerful potent antioxidants that help prevent cancers, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, inflammation, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Many people make a home remedy using olive oil to help relieve constipation by taking 1 tablespoon of olive, ¼ cup of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of honey and mixing these ingredients together to create a natural laxative. Constipation suffers usually find relief within 30 minutes after making and taking this natural remedy. Other people like to use olive oil as a relaxing massage oil by adding 20 drops of their favorite essential oil to 1 cup of olive oil and combining them together. It is wonderful as a massage oil because it allows the hands to glide smoothly across the body and skin without having to lift them up constantly which allows for a proper relaxing massage. Sometimes olive oil is even used to help treat eczema by taking a few teaspoons of it and massaging it directly into the eczema patches. This helps soften up the skin and relieves the dry itchy redness from eczema by bringing down the inflammation.

For beauty olive oil is used as a body oil to help moisturize skin after warm baths or showers. However, olive oil can be slippery so make sure you are extra careful using it after a warm bath or shower as a natural moisturizing body oil to help get skin silky smooth and soft. Not only does olive oil help moisturize the skin after a bath, but it also contains antioxidants and healthy fats in it that help keep skin looking young and vibrant by preventing signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles and even age spots. Olive oil can also be used in the hair as a natural hair treatment to help relieve dryness and repair split ends. You may even notice some beauty care products you have on hand contain olive oil in them such as your soaps, facial cleansers, body butter, and lotions. This is because olive oil is a natural emollient to the skin and helps protect it from drying out and air pollution.

See olive oil is an all-around oil. It is a good idea to always have a bottle of it on hand whether it be for helping you make a delicious meal, preventing health problems, or simply keeping yourself looking beautiful and young.

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Corded and Cordless Power Tools – What To Know Before Choosing Between Them?

If you are confused when choosing between Corded and Cordless Power tools, then you are not alone. There are lot of people who cannot decide which tool they should use. Each of these tools come with their own set of benefits. Both corded and cordless equipment can be used specially for many different purposes. Before you select between these two, it is crucial that you understand their uses and advantages really well. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss about it and share with you tips regarding which one of them to use. If you are using one, then check out the DeWalt 5Ah Battery Deals at ImpactDriverGuide website.

Corded Power Tool Advantages

Corded power tools are around for a very long time. They are a preferred option for many workers who are engaged in different work. Corded power tools are often considered to be more powerful and efficient than cordless variants. Check out their brilliant advantages – 

Usage Time –

unlike cordless tools, there is no fear of running out of power when using corded tools. Since they are plugged to the electric socket, you can continue using them for as long as you want to. You don’t have to take the extra hassle of keeping the batter recharged at all times. So, continue your work for a long time without any hassles.

Consistent –

when you get more consistency while working with youe equipment, it helps to revamp your work by huge standards. That simply means that the tool will work with 100% effectiveness. This one of the biggest disadvantage of cordless models because they tend to lose power and stability at less charge.

Cordless Power Tools Advantages

Cordless power tools offer a whole new set of advantages that corded tools could never. They offer a great deal of freedom and efficiency when you are working with them. These tools are also lightweight and you can carry them whenever you are travelling. Check out the few amazing advantages of cordless power tools – 

Cordless –

being cordless is the main advantage of a cordless equipment. These kind of tools do not have any cord attached to them. That is why they offer greater freedom of movement. Therefore you can work in any position and way you want to without worrying about tangling around the wire or flipping over it.

Less Equipment –

when you are using cordless power tools, you have less equipment to manage and maintain. These tools are mostly kept in power with the help of a cartridge or battery. So, you can attach the battery to the equipment and be done for the day. You do not have to carry any wire, power plug, output, etc. The lesser things you need to manage, makes way for a more convenient workspace.

Reduces Weight –

most of the cordless power tools available in the market are much lighter than corded ones. Since they are lighter, you can use them with better convenience and avoid feeling any stress while working. You don’t feel tired when using them for very long.

If you have read the blog till this point, then you are now aware of the major differences between corded and cordless power equipment.

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Handpan Or Steel Tongue Which Is More Suitable For You!

Finding an appropriate instrument for yourself can be hassling surely. It is great to pick for an instrument that is really suitable for you. Handlepan and steel tongue both are convenient instruments provided with similar functionality. 

We are here helping you to pick the right instrument that suits your passion and help in attaining a cherishing experience. While shopping for the steel tongue drum and handpan, you would be provided with a wide variety surely, so let us look and find which one would be more suitable. 

Steel tongue drums  

When you are looking for a smaller instrument, the steel tongue drums would surely be more suitable for you. However, steel tongue drums are heavier than the handpan and allowing it to be more suitable for long term use. For beginners, the steel tongue drum might not be suitable leading as it is slower and not suitable for percussive playing. 

If you are packed on a budget, then the steel tongue drum can surely fit your budget. It is very robust and would fit into your tuning. You can play it with mallets, and neither it is sensitive to cold nor heat, which makes it suitable for long term use. The smaller in size element of the product help it to come in handy for everyone. 

When talking about the particular disadvantages, you would know that it isn’t loud as a handpan and cannot meet your desired level of sound to attract a wider audience. As it is heavy in weight, some people might not find it suitable for carrying it and playing. 

Overall, we can conclude to the aspect that if someone is looking for a pocket-friendly option that can fit into their budget and have convenient sound as well, then steel tongue drums are a suitable option. Also, the robust quality of the steel tongue drums makes it durable for use, so you can basically use the product without much hassle. 


Handpan is a convenient instrument that most people wish to play due to its incredible sound. You can make use of the handpan for attracting a wider audience for a street show to exhibit your talent. The magical sound of the device that captivates handpan for use. 

If you are looking for reasons to get a handpan, then sounds are a prominent feature for people. The bigger note fields are easier to hit, which makes it convenient for beginners as well. If you are a pro and want to practice a faster playing session, then the instrument is ideal to meet the desired requirements. As compared to steel tongue drum and convenient to hear even with louder background noise. The instrument wouldn’t rust as it is provided in stainless steel material make it suitable for long time use. 

Nevertheless, there is no denial in the aspect that the handpan instrument seems the most appropriate to use. There are numerous setbacks, such as the high cost of the higher instrument than steel tongue drums, and not everyone can afford to pay such a huge price. If you are a beginner, it might not be the optimal pick for you as it is sensitive, making it out of tune faster. Additionally, you have to pay closer attention to its maintenance as it is sensitive to the sun and excessive heat. 

Hence, if you are a pro or want to learn a handpan with passion, then only consider getting such an expensive instrument for practice. However, if not willing to learn it passionately, then the tongue steel drum is a convenient choice that asks for a lesser price, and you can attain it. 

The final wrap 

In the final wrap, we can conclude to the aspect that it would be wonderful to pick for the primary practices of finding a suitable instrument for yourself. Both tongue steel drums and handpan are convenient and similar instruments up to some extent; however price of both has a great difference. One can identify the perfect spot depending upon their budget and passion for their learning about the instrument. Learning both handpans & steel tongue drums is convenient as you can easily showcase your talent and attract a wider audience. Handpan has a more pleasant sound as compared to tongue steel, which makes people more experience.

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Gaming- Elo Boost for Understanding Purposes

There is no bigger thrill than entertainment and that has been proven time and time again no matter which age group you belong to, which is quite astonishing as older generation folks are seen as serious and mature about life while the younger ones are the exact opposite as everyone is at that age.

Even the people that are middle aged and well qualified to be senior citizens would agree to the fact that childhood is the best phase of life and such times can never come back again.

But why is it so? What makes childhood the best part? To put it simply, it is the time when there is no stress and tension about the future as that is for the parents to take care of while the kids would be in a make belief world where everything is alright and little worries except to eat, sleep, play and repeat.

Strong Connection

One of the best parts during childhood is when you play video games with your friends on the ps4 and Xbox 360 while slouching on the cushy sofa or couch and doing away with the joystick in hand.

However, there is nothing compared to the golden time period of the 80s and 90s when there wasn’t a PlayStation or Xbox to boast about but just a video cassette that you could connect with your television set and play as long as possible.

Today, we are in the era of PCs desktop and ps4 which has made gaming more interesting with newer varieties but some people are not satisfied with the gaming performance as they feel that the system becomes too slow.

It is so because sometimes the desktop or smartphone is unable to take up the load of the innumerable games that pop up in the options given the fact that there are millions of Android and Apple users in the world and each country has its own norms regarding gaming section.

Well, things can change if you install a game booster that would increase the speed of the gaming structure as it is a powerful software program through which the speed can be altered at will with a simple click where the PC enters into the ‘game mode’.

This gives you time to look up numerous resources and cheat codes while the level is going on and you can adjust the speed the way you want without harming or spoiling the adventurous spirit of the game.


Elo Boost is considered the best when it comes to gaming boosters where you just need to download it online after learning about its features and how the levels work depending on the game play in question.

Just make sure that you have a brand new hardware when installing a gaming booster as only then will it function in a proper manner by updating the device so that it can work in extreme conditions despite the fact that it leads to overheating when played in excess.

All it requires is to practice this technique without fail before starting to play the game in question.

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Facebook Vs. Personal Privacy

While the social economic pulse ruminates the obsession we seem to have with MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, as a populous we need to consider what personal privacy we are giving up and at what cost. On the surface it seems pretty cool and posh to tell all your Facebook followers your every move and emotion, but has tweet mania gone too far?

When the founding fathers wrote the words ‘Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness’ I wonder if they could have imagined the technological world where the court room is the forum for challenge upon the constitutionality or admissibility of personal items/dialogues vs. privacy while kids and parents alike randomly update their mood, their location, their vacation plans, and their desires from moment to moment. And if admissibility is upheld would it also be valid then to confirm intent, knowledge, and provide alibis?

The mere discussion of online social networking (Facebook) as a means to influence legal rulings and decisions purports the concept of a society lacking personal characteristics and personality. So the question becomes, “If you publicize any personal feelings, by way of a written public record like Facebook, do you then give up personal right to privacy”?

In a recent suicide case in the news a mother was investigated for creating a fictitious young male profile on line to befriend an estranged female friend of her daughters so she could find out what the girl was saying about her daughter. After courting the girl the young man dumped her, the act that led to her suicide. While the woman’s conviction was overturned by a higher court and found as not having committed any wrongdoing the efficacy of her actions are in question. Ironically, new laws have sense been established and in fact are now protecting the women from the public that, ruffled by her actions, seem to be cyber harassing her. If she had verbally attacked the child what would she have been charged with? Is there any difference?

How about the new website ? This playful site scans social networking sites like Facebook and live streams back those people that have indicated they are not home. Claiming to be an awareness site letting people know what their ignorance could lead to it has gained notoriety for the place for criminals to go to find empty homes ready for the robbing.

It does create the question as to whether what used to be known as peer pressure could in cyberspace now be a criminal activity. For me the question is much more simplistic. Why does any person want the world to know their mood or their every step? Maybe it makes the declaring person feel special when others are aware of their every move. It seem a little creepy to me. If you are willingly posting exactly what you are up to minute by minute I think you have just given up the right to cry help if you are stalked.

While these many questions keep presenting themselves it is possible that they will not be answered until they are challenged in court. In the meantime, it would behoove us to take some personal responsibility and set personal guidelines and limits for ourselves and our children. As my mother always told me, ‘Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want to be in the headlines of tomorrow’s newspaper’! While the message is still the same the statement could be corrected by replacing newspaper with ‘Facebook status’.

Hence, instead of creating negativity, why not use social networking sites as a platform where we can spread good vibes and positivity. You can getfans and build followers for a good cause that could make our world a better place to live in.

God help us with the intelligence to create technology that helps mankind and promotes creative thought to a level higher than “I need help with my animals in Farmville”.

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Caribbean Cooking – Stuffed Fish

My first executive chef position came about quite accidentally. My friend, Sonny Tanksley had taken a bartending job on the isle of St. Thomas in the U.S.V.I. Sonny was a handsome southern boy and a charming young man. He was an excellent bartender and made outstanding tips. The chef at his restaurant had walked out during a busy dinner shift and Sonny was pressed into kitchen duty when the owner found out he had some culinary experience. Sonny, the dandy, hated the hot, dirty, food handling job. He immediately started lobbying for a return to his cushy bar position. The owner finally agreed if Sonny would find a qualified chef to run the kitchen. That’s when I got the call. I was managing a pizza joint during the day and working at a small restaurant in the evening trying to hone my culinary skills. My girlfriend had just dumped me and I was living with Sonny’s worthless ex-roommates. I was not a happy camper. When Sonny called I jumped. I packed up my crap and took a Grumman Goose to St. Thomas the next afternoon. By 4 o’clock the next day I was standing in the kitchen of ‘The Fish Market’ restaurant with my duffle bag in hand and not a clue in my head. Sonny and the head cook, a Creole man from the island of Antigua, Joe Papios took me under their protective wings. Within two weeks Sonny was back behind the bar and Papios and I had formed a winning kitchen team and a dear friendship.

Our food was simple and delicious. Only seafood came out of the main kitchen. The boss grilled some steaks and some ribs out front. We had the simplest of equipment; an old pizza oven, a leaky fry-o-later and an open Bain Marie. We served a wide variety of seafood prepared in all the simplest ways. The only sauce used was a simple veloute made from the simmering fumet in the Bain Marie, Creole vegetables were scooped from the fumet on each plate along with a portion of confetti rice and a beautiful portion of fish. I was proud of every plate that left the kitchen.

Our most popular menu item was the stuffed fish filet. I don’t know why. As an insider I preferred poached whole reef fish or whole fish quickly baked in the pizza oven.

Stuffed fish filets:

To make the fish stuffing accumulate 6 cups of fresh bread cubes, preferably whole grain bread. Poach a portion of flaky fish meat like Pollack or Cod along with some scallops and shrimps at he end. I suppose you could even use bacalao (salt cod) in the right sequence. Sauté an onion, a cup of diced celery and add the flaked and chopped seafood to the bread crumbs, then cool, add a splash of fish stock or clam juice to soften and there you are. I would not over season this mix but add a bit of salt and pepper and maybe flavor the poaching broth with a few bay leaves and a bouquet garni.

To assemble the stuffed fish have equal sized filets of fish such as flounder, sole or snapper, arrange the skinned side out and spread a few ounces of stuffing on one side of a filet, cover with the opposing filet then brush the outside with olive oil or clarified butter, season with sea salt and white pepper.Heat a baking sheet under the oven broiler then toss the stuffed filets onto the hot surface and cook under the broiler for 10 hot minutes. Both sides of the stuffed fish will be done and flaky and the stuffing will be heated through. Serve with a squeeze of lemon or lime or make a simple citrus buerre blanc. Now I know why this was such a big seller. For more additional information and tips in cooking, you can click here.

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A Cat Fostering Primer

I’ve fostered a mother and her litter of five kittens for the local animal shelter, three tiny orphaned kittens on my own, and an adult former stray that I ended up adopting. It’s gratifying to be able to care for needy cats, even if it’s only briefly while they’re waiting for their forever home.

If you have cats of your own, you need to protect them as well as your foster cats by learning about feline diseases and their possible transmission throughout your cat family or even to you and your human family.

Some cat diseases, such as feline panleukopenia (aka feline distemper), rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and chlamydia, are all highly contagious but avoidable through a combination vaccination (called FVRCP-C) administered at about six, twelve and sixteen weeks. Rabies can be contracted by outdoor cats, or even by indoor cats if they come into contact with bats, but both foster and adopted cats can be protected with a rabies vaccine, first administered at about four months of age. Feline leukemia virus is detectable through a lab test at about twelve weeks, and, if negative, it is preventable through two vaccines. If you find yourself with a FeLV-positive foster cat, you may be putting your other cats at risk. Check with your vet for the best approach to this problem.

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) and feline immune deficiency virus (FIV) can also be transmitted from cat to cat. There is an intranasal inoculation for FIP that unfortunately may not be very effective, and the vaccination for FIV is very problematic. Toxoplasmosis is caused by a parasite in the feces that can be a real danger for immune-compromised people or pregnant women as well as other cats. Campylobacter is another bacterial intestinal disease that affects both humans and cats.

If you’re fostering kittens, make sure they have their first FVRCP by the age of eight weeks, repeated at twelve and sixteen weeks and sixteen months if they’re still living with you. If you’re fostering an adult stray and have no clue about her health history, it’s wise to bring her to the vet for a checkup and the basic shots (FVRCP) plus a Feline Leukemia test. Ringworm, ear mites, ticks, fleas, cheyletiella (a skin parasite that can also infect humans) and intestinal parasites are other potential problems for you and your temporary or permanent cats.

My three orphaned kittens were less than a week old when I brought them home. I bought KMR formula, kitten bottles and an eye dropper and fed them frequently throughout the day and night. Sadly, one of them died after just a few days, probably a victim of fading kitten syndrome, but the other two thrived. I kept them in a cat carrier with a heating pad, and at night it was right next to my bed to keep them from getting into trouble while I was sleeping and protect them from any unwanted intrusions of my own cats. I know that sometimes adult cats are willing to pinch hit as foster mothers themselves even if they don’t have any of their own milk to contribute, but my cats weren’t at all interested in being maternal. So I gave the kittens a stuffed “mother” cat to cuddle next to.

In the case of fostering a mother and her litter, there is always the potential for fighting between her and your own cats (or dogs) because her instinct is to protect her kittens and your cats (or dogs) may be overly curious or even a little hostile. So it’s best to try to keep the mother and her litter away from your own cats-perhaps in a different room with the door closed. That’s what I did initially for my foster mother and kittens from the shelter. But after a few weeks of everyone getting used to each other, I was able to let them run loose throughout the house without any problem.

You can go ahead and name your foster cats, as I did, but be careful about getting too attached unless you think you’ll keep them yourself.

If you’re fostering on your own, start looking for a permanent home for your foster cats as soon as possible. You can advertise in the classified section of your local newspaper and tell your friends and family to spread the word. But be wary of potential adopters. Put together a basic adoption application (you can find examples of these on line), and ask for an adoption fee to weed out those who might be trying to collect free cats to sell to research labs, or those who aren’t really serious about taking responsibility for the life of a cat. Make sure you do your research on adoption applicants. Ask for personal and business references. Consider visiting their homes without advance notice. I rejected two applicants after I did that because their living situations were suboptimal for keeping a cat. Finally, because of the cat overpopulation crisis, it’s vital that you arrange to have your foster cats spayed or neutered. You could include the cost of the procedure in your adoption fee.

Fostering cats can be an extremely rewarding experience. Millions of unwanted cats are killed every year without getting a chance at life. If you are able to give a few cats that opportunity, you should go for it. Just remember that for successful cat fostering you need to consider their past and future lives as well as their present well-being while living in your household.

Cats aren’t exactly known for making good pets when compared to dogs but still fostering them is something that most people look forward to as women prefer them over all others and this whole tug of war makes it a feline Vs canine battle that you get to see here most of the times.

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The Puppy Personality Test


Buying a new puppy can be a very exciting time, and you may be wondering which adorable, squirming fluffy body to get. In order to get the right puppy for you, perform a small personality test on him. You should already know what breed will work for by having done the research, but not all dogs of the same breed behave the same; variation always occurs. Puppies of any breed may not display the characteristics of that breed to a T. They can be dominant, submissive, confident, or clingy. The type of puppy you get will depend on your experience with training puppies and your personal preferences. How a puppy responds to the personality test will cue you into the one you want depending on what you’re looking for.

Here are a few things to help you evaluate puppies you’re interested in:

Dominance. You can restrain a puppy on his back to test for dominance. Gently roll the puppy onto his back and hold him there for 30 seconds. A dominant puppy will spend the entire 30 seconds fighting your hand, trying to right itself. A puppy that relaxes right away, looks away, and licks your hand is showing submission. Middle-of-the-road puppies will fight for a few seconds before relaxing, not displaying dominance or submission in great amounts. The amount of the results will be great and delivered in less time for the relaxation. A fight can be there in the thoughts of the person to get the desired results. A person can browse this site for the purchase of the pets for the owner of the house. The spending of the time will be beneficial through the owner of the pets.

Independence. While you have the puppies attention, walk away from him. Puppies that ignore you when you walk away, indicating that it doesn’t bother them, are likely strongly independent. A less secure puppy will follow you in a subdued manner, possibly with a drooping tail.

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Needed Training For Rescued Dog

You are feeling proud of yourself because you have just adopted a rescued dog. Maybe you will be lucky and be the owner of a dog that has received training on how to behave as a pet. More than likely, you have just adopted a serious project for the next several months.

Animals and humans live best together when the animal understands what the humans expect it to do. Most rescued animals have come from places where they have been kept in cages with limited human contact. This means that you have been handed a blank slate in the training department. The type of training that the animal needs to have depends on the role it will have in your family. Where you live is also important.

If you live out in the country and the dog will remain outside, you will have just bypassed one of the biggest training needs. Inside dogs will need to be house broken. In adult dogs, this can be somewhat difficult. You may choose to consult a professional for this training. If you choose to take it on, keep the mop and paper towels handy. You will need plenty of them before this is finished. Good luck if it is a larger animal.

The dog will have to be trained to trust people. There is a better-than-average chance that this dog was physically abused. It may be either extremely hostile or very skittish . Either way, this is not a good posture for a pet. Using food, kind words, and time will help the animal to adjust to your home and the new environment.

It will have to be socialized not to regard strangers as dangerous unless you plan to use this as a guard dog. This means taking it out in public to let the dog become used to seeing lots of unknown people. Keep plenty of treats handy to reward the dog for not barking or growling. Also, reward the dog for passive and friendly behavior.

There are many other possible things that may be important and essential for your home. Things like teaching the dog not to be on furniture or to jump on guests can be a big deal for some people. While, strictly speaking, it is not training, you need to be aware of the dog’s temperament so that visitors to your home are not in danger. You should also get some tips from online tutorials. There are a lot of YouTube videos that teach pet owners how to train their dogs effectively. For more information, you can check it out.

With proper training and a good deal of effort, a rescued dog can make a good pet. It may not ever be like adopting a puppy, but the reward of knowing that you have made the animal a better life will offset this.

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3 Things You Must Teach Your Puppy Before He is One Year Old

Every dog owner dreams of owning a well behaved dog. A dog with no manners can be a nuisance not only to the owner but also to other people and cause embarrassment to the owner due to his actions. Even though it seems that such dogs are ill mannered due to their nature, in reality they can be trained to obey your commands and improve their behavior. If you happen to own a pup then it is very important that you teach him the basic dog manners and etiquette right from his early days so that he grows up to become a well behaved dog.

Even though there are lots of things that you can teach to your dog, you must focus on teaching him the basic manners and etiquette first. He can learn more things later as he grows up and he will learn them faster. You must be patient while you teach your dog and not yell at him for not obeying your commands. Remember that he is just a kid, so you need to keep your cool and focus on training him well.

Pups take a little time to learn things just as babies that are less than a year old but you can hop over to this site titled Pup life by researching it online for some interesting tips with detailed study but right now let us see the points that need to be taught to puppies.

Here are the top 3 things your must teach your puppy before he is one year old:

1) Potty training –

This is one of the most important things to teach your dog in his formative years. As far as potty training is concerned you must focus on teaching your puppy two things. The first is the location where he must go for toilet and the second is to alert you when he needs to go to toilet. Even though most people prefer that their dogs go to toilet at set times (before bed, after meals etc.), it would be useful to teach him ways to alert you if he needs to go to toilet. As an example, you can ask him a question when you take him to toilet. Gradually he will associate that question with going to toilet and when you ask him the question, he will either act disinterested or be ready to go out if he needs to go to toilet.

2) Who’s in charge –

This is another thing that you must teach your dog from an early age. You need to teach him that you are in charge and he must obey your commands. He must learn to obey your simple commands like sit, stay, fetch, release and drop etc. If you teach him well, he will soon learn that you are in charge and obey your commands without showing dissent.

3) Walk with you –

While going out for a walk, your puppy must appear well behaved. You must teach him from an early age to keep still while you put on the leash and collar. While walking outside, he must walk beside you and must not wander around sniffing and peeing. Gradually you can teach your puppy to walk beside you without a leash. It is a good idea to start this activity within your backyard and then try it outdoors. You must also teach him to respond to your calls when he wanders around so that you can take him back to home with or without a leash.

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The Bergamasco Shepherd Dog Breed

The Bergamasco Shepherd dog is a very unique looking breed coming from the Italian Alps. This herding dog breed has interesting fur that is knotted like dreadlocks and covers their face and body. This dog is actually very old and has been to be around even two thousand years ago where it was used a herder even then.


Being over two thousand years old, this dog has origins from the Orient and has made its way to Italy around four hundred years later. These dogs were exchanged for other herding and farm working dogs because of the harsh winters that took place on the Italian Alps years ago. This dog is now almost exclusive in Italy and not many people know too much about it anywhere else in the world.


With its shaggy and odd looking fur, the Bergamasco is a breed with a pastoral look and a long tongue that usually hangs out when they are excited. Their bodies are of medium stature and they weigh up to fifty pounds. Their most common coloring is a deep grey or even a calico shade. Their curtain of hair helps them endure harsh weathers that they grew accustomed too high up on the mountains.


These dogs are soundly and efficient when it comes to helping out their human masters. They feel like they can take up the duty of herding cattle and have a brave disposition when an intruder might be underfoot. They tend to be reserved dogs around strangers and show no signs of aggression unless they kept in an unsafe environment. They adore the comfort of their masters and keep a relaxed personality when they are safe and sound in their homes. Being one of the most patient dogs has given them the title of an ideal herder.

Grooming and Health

Since their fur is so unique it can be difficult to maintain their flocks as the fur is called. The coat needs to be clipped whenever it starts to drag on the ground as brushing is a no go with this breed. Their natural oils are hidden on their skin which usually clears out dirt and grime, but a bath should be needed every two months with one of the most gentle dog shampoos. After bath time they should not be combed but rather run amuck until their flocks have dried. These dogs have little health concerns, they need their flea shots regularly since fleas and mites can hide well underneath their fur. They can live up to sixteen years, sometimes even longer.

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to educate yourself on how to properly take good care of your pet. Knowing the right things and factors to consider depending on the breed of the dog. For more information, you can click for source here.

Bergamasco dogs are surely odd to the eye, but this does not stop them from an able and determined breed that has a soft fondness for humans.

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Choose the Proper Dog Leash

Finding a leash for your dog can be difficult with so many types of leashes available you are probably like I was at first puzzled by which ones will work and which ones will not work. I know when I walked down my local pet stores leash aisle I was absolutely amazed at the amount of leashes and brands that are available. So I kept picking up a leash and ended up buying a lot more leashes than I really needed. So here are my tips and secrets on how I narrow down the wide selection of leashes to the one that works best for me.

The first tip that I have is I always look for a leash that has some type of guarantee. Some of the leashes such as Lupine have a lifetime guarantee while others have a limited guarantee. Either way I want to make sure of a guarantee to make sure that if my dog snaps the leash within the first week of him having it I do not have to purchase a replacement just return the leash for fulfillment of the warranty.

The second tip that I have is find the leash that is the right size for your dog. Now some people will choose a leash that is meant for a Boxer for their little Yorkshire Terrier. I know that the leash will work, but it also is huge and can get really heavy on your dogs collar while he is walking. However, I have to really look hard for a leash that is meant for my dogs size because he is a two hundred pound English Mastiff and that is hard to find a leash that will fit his weight.

The third tip is find a leash that is the right length for what you want. Some of the adjustable length leashes have a wide variety of lengths that are available for you to let your dog walk farther in front of you or you can retract them to be right next to your side. Now I know that these work nice for smaller breed dogs. However, for my large breed dogs they would not work at all because they are well above the weight limit for them. So you do have to keep that in mind when checking those leashes out.

Finding a leash for your dog is not as hard as it may seem when you’re inside the pet store. As long as you know exactly what you need to do and what exactly you need for your beloved dog, you can easily find a leash for your pet. You can click here to get more info.I know from experience that when you first go into the pet store it can seem like a daunting task, but after following some sound advice and having your own experiences you will discover that finding the proper leash is not that hard.

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Berger Blanc Suisse Dog Breed

Switzerland has its fair share of beautiful dog breeds and the Berger Blanc Suisse is one of the most gorgeous, having a pure white coat and big brown eyes. They are a close relative to the German Shepherd, causing many to believe they are a white version of one. These dogs are used for farm work, police force, and even guide dogs for the blind.


First appearing in the mid 1800’s and being used as a shepherd dog, herding cattle and flocks of birds, the Suisse grew popular with farmers. Because of their brilliant white coat, this made shepherds spot them easily against a wolf, since farmers in the past have been known to accidently shoot their own dog mistaking them for a prowling wolf. This breed was close to dying out in the 1970’s before a breeder gained sight of them and wanted them to flourish once more.


With the face and fur density of a German Shepherd, the Suisse is somewhat large and has big bone structure. Their tail is somewhat longer and bushier and their noses are either black or pink. They can weigh up to sixty to seventy pounds depending on their gender, and they are known to sit straight up on their hind quarters. The ears are triangular and show their acute sense of hearing while their back is broad yet sleek. The Suisse only comes in one color, the shiny white coat.


These dogs can make either the perfect watch dog or the most lovable family dog who can greet strangers with a happy jump or tail wagging. They are watchful, guarded, and have strong wills. Their personalities are finely in tune with the German Shepherd, as they both are loyal companion dogs with a strong sense of justice. Being a fast learner makes him a wonderful pet to enter any type of home with children or elderly. They need plenty of exercise or else they can become quite hyperactive.

Grooming and Health

Blanc Suisses have thick yet short coated fur that needs to be tended to every week. They need to be brushed out on a weekly basis so they don’t shed too much. They need a bath once a month and their ears need to be cleaned every two weeks. These dogs are prone to elbow dysplasia and some skin problems that may need to be taken care of. They may need some special dog tooth paste, since their teeth can get cavities easier than other breeds. Suisses live up to eleven to twelve years.

As a pet owner, it is also important to check some reliable websites and click reference and sources so you will be guided accordingly on how to properly take good care of a berger blanc Suisse dog breed. 

Blanc Suisse dogs are one of the most loyal human companions, they feel like they have a strong need of protection to animals or children smaller than them which makes them definitely man’s and animal’s best friend.

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AstroDatabank – Learning Tool

How do we become better astrologers? We read more charts ‚Äì lots more. AstroDatabank has more charts (with biographies) of fascinating lives than any other source. You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store as you hop from one record to another, peeking in on one celebrity’s chart after another.

Every student of astrology eventually “hits the wall.” You know you’ve hit the wall when every book you read seems to be a rehash of things you’ve read elsewhere. So how do you get past the wall and deepen your astrological knowledge? I would like to propose that the best way to deepen your astrological knowledge is to begin a systematic study of the astrological archetypes in lots and lots of charts. Every time we read a chart, we observe how a different combination of the archetypes ‚Äì combined with other factors like gender, race and level of consciousness ‚Äì affect the archetypes’ range of expression.

It is only through years of getting a sense of the possibilities and probabilities of those expressions that we really get to know astrology. Textbooks point out the basic principles, but to deepen and extend our knowledge ‚Äì to become better counseling astrologers ‚Äì we have to study lots of charts. Rather than studying charts haphazardly, we can deepen our understanding of astrology much faster if we study charts systematically. By relying on reliable websites like, it will be easier for you to study astrology as this site will provide you all the necessary information that you need. Furthermore, relying on this site will also allow you to read graphs and charts in the most accurate manner. 

By gathering charts with similar astrological factors and looking for common traits, we learn new things not found in textbooks. Similarly, by gathering charts with similar biographical traits and looking for common astrological factors we will also gain a deeper appreciation for how astrology works. Using a product like AstroDatabank, you can select charts using: You can filter data with Western or Vedic calculations; you can select among famous people or people that you know well. No matter how you slice the data, you will improve your delineations, going beyond textbook summaries by observing actual effects.

All the best astrologers have at one point in their lives compiled a personalized study guide that lists people they know by planet, sign, and house. Why? Because we all find it easier to remember concepts that are tied to a familiar experience. Wouldn’t you find it easier to picture your overly-amorous Aunt Doris as the paradigm of Venus in Leo rather than memorizing the textbook description? If you want to become a great astrologer, at some point in your career you’ll have to build a personalized study guide from charts of people you know. Before AstroDatabank, creating such a personalized study guide was a mind-numbing experience.

With AstroDatabank in hand, however, you can import the charts of people you know best and start printing personalized study guides right away. AstroDatabank has three astrology data views that are designed for building your study guide. The Astrology Positions view shows the sign, degree, and house for each planet. It can be sorted by any column and house number can be hidden.

 When you study aspects with the Astrology Aspects view, you can print out aspect lists sorted by sign and house.

 The Planetary Conditioning view shows you everything you’d ever want to know about the forces working on a planet. Intermediate astrologers find this view especially helpful as they practice the hardest part of astrology ‚Äì integrating the disparate influences into a unified story.

 “Software to Create Better Astrologers” is our company motto. No matter what level you’re at, you’ll improve by reading more charts. What is the best motivator for plowing through those charts? Fascinating lives. We’re constantly receiving letters from people gloating about how much fun they’re having exploring the riches of AstroDatabank’s 20,000 charts.

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Worst Things for Your Teeth

A recent trip to the dentist and two absent teeth later inspired me to write this article. Much too often people overlook the importance of taking care of their mouth. Not only can not taking care of your teeth cause for several severe health issues, it will leave you with a smile many will frown upon and may cause you to join me in the overwhelming amount of dental bills.

Staining of the teeth is one of the world’s most common problems. We indulge ourselves in foods, drinks, and sometimes even tobaccos which all cause stains. One of the worst things for your pearly whites is wine. Not just red wine but white wine also. Wine is very acidic and causes for stains to darken. Teas, berries, sodas, and cigarettes are just a few other things that will stain your teeth. Even if you have completely healthy teeth, stains may cause you to have one ugly smile.

Nothing creates a worst first impression than your lousy dressing sense and bad posture coupled with dirty yellow teeth, which is why junk food intake has to be controlled because there eventually comes a time when Cosmetic dentistry is the only alternative left to try out.

Drinking bottled water is common for most of us however it isn’t as good for you as tap water. Tap water is more enriched with fluoride. We need fluoride to help us fight off tooth decay. While bottled water may taste better than tap water, it isn’t helping us prevent decay.

Eating sweets such as candy, pastries, and baked goods will allow for tooth decay. The sugar itself doesn’t cause for the decay but the acids that fight the sugars will eat through the enamel of your teeth. This is a major cause for decay for most people, including myself. If you are unable to brush right after eating such a treat, make sure you have some sugarless gum . Gum will help increase the flow of saliva which helps to neutralize acids.

Other things that will damage your teeth include pregnancy, birth control pills, puberty, grinding your teeth, and dieting, amongst many others. I had received a chip in my teeth for every child I bared. It is important to make sure you take prenatal vitamins and if allowed by your doctor, calcium pills as well. Pregnancy plays a big role in the condition of your teeth. However, pregnant or not, you should always make sure to consume enough vitamins and calcium to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

While there are many factors that play a role in the condition of your teeth, those named above are some of the most severe. After having several cavities and teeth pulled I now find it important to take care of my teeth. The health of your mouth should be a priority unless you are prepared to pay many bills, have a smile that’s not quite white, you aren’t afraid of pain or dentures, and are aware of the other severe side effects or heath issues that arise from tooth decay.

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Martha Munizzi: The Wife, Mother and Recording Artist

Making a difference in Gospel music and inevitably in the lives of many, Martha Munizzi is a dynamic speaker, motivator, singer, performer, wife, mother…the list goes on. We sat down with Martha to get a glimpse into the dream she lives every day through her life and ministry. You can listen to this complete interview on gudang lagu as well.


You’ve found tremendous success as a singer, songwriter, and pioneer in the music industry. Is this the success you have always wanted? Is this where you thought you would be today?


I’ve always had big dreams. The last ten years comprise what God put on my heart to do. I always knew I would be involved in ministry in some capacity, whether it be speaking, singing, or writing. There were ministers that prophesied over my life. To see those things happen has confirmed for me what God dropped in my spirit about my future. It’s so much greater than I thought it would ever be.


You’ve been married for over 18 years; as your manager and ministry partner, describe the experience of sharing your success with your spouse. Have you two always shared the same interests and vision in terms of performing and ministry?


It’s a blessing. We actually met because of our similar love of music, ministry, and love of the Lord. We met in a band. He was a bass player and I was a singer. The ministry has been our focus. There have been difficult times; working side by side can be challenging. It’s such a blessing to be able to look at my husband and know that everything we’ve accomplished we did together. When I win an award, it is for both of us.


From performing to touring and making appearances all around the country, what is your method of juggling your career and family?


We’ve thought everything through so that we put God first. In doing so, everyone benefits and has balance. Early, we learned to turn the challenges we can’t handle over to God and we focus on what’s most important. In regards to our children, we believe it’s important to involve them in what we do. They work with us. It’s not just mommy’s and daddy’s ministry; it’s a family ministry. We try very hard to prioritize and balance. We trust God.


Regarding your children, Danielle, Nicole, and Nathan would you encourage them to pursue careers in the industry?


They love it. From piano and drums to guitar, they have a natural love for it. It’s so exciting to see their excitement for something we all can share.


What do you do to unwind, in your personal time


I like to be real and keep life simple. I like to go to the beach, read and meditate. Anything I can do with my family makes me feel whole and satisfied.


You made history as the first non-African-American female to win a Stellar Award in 2005. How significant is this achievement to your career and personal satisfaction as an artist?


I felt like it was God saying, “This is your season, for you to do something you’ve never done before.” And I believed God called me to break barriers and erase some racial lines. When I won the Stellar Award, I heard God telling me not to take credit, that it was Him moving His hand over the Earth, in the church, and through Gospel music. The wall of division is coming down.


You are well-known as an exceptional leader of praise and worship and your style has been deemed extraordinary. What are your thoughts in terms of the praise and worship experience?


The whole idea of praise and worship is part of who we are. We have to understand that praise and worship is not just something we do as preliminary to preaching. I want to take it beyond the music, beyond just the sound. I want to lead people into God’s presence. I want to disappear and allow the Holy Spirit to take over. We have the authority and power to break depression and sickness through our praise. It is so key that we understand it’s a lifestyle.


What has been the most satisfying or rewarding moment in your career?


To be able to be in front of and minister to unbelievers and bring those individuals to a greater understanding of God. This is really why I do all of this.


Who have you most enjoyed working with?


Donnie McClurkin. He is one of the most gracious and giving people I’ve ever worked with. Every time I’m ministering with him I feel so challenged. He makes me sing better, performs better.


Are you currently working on a new project? If so, what is the release date?


Our No Limits CD was recently released. Actually one of the songs on the album is inspired by a sermon delivered by Dr. Dollar. We are also working on a kids’ record and my own children are singing on that project. We are looking forward to more touring and traveling. I also have something in a store that God put on my heart to not share with anyone just yet, but it’s forthcoming.


What advice would you give aspiring artists wanting to make a career in the Gospel music industry?


Count the cost and make sure you’re called to do this. It can be lonely and confusing and if you’re not called to do this, it can be difficult. You have to be doing this for people; it’s not just about winning awards. Also, make sure you are involved in your local church. You have to learn how to serve. My husband and I started in our local churches. Remember, there are no limits. My mom says it best, “Wisdom is crying in the streets” and that’s how I want to reach people.

Although a pro in the industry, Martha Munizzi is as enthusiastic about the future of Gospel music and praise and worship now as she was while in the choir of her hometown church. With genuine passion and energy for the Word of God, there’s no stopping her now! From wife and mother to dynamic recording artist, Ms. Munizzi is changing lives through the heart and soul of Gospel music!

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Do’s and Don’ts for Hitting on Your Accountant

You’re sitting in your accountant’s office trying hard to concentrate on the matters at hand, but it’s difficult because he looks more like a “Mc” cast member of “Grey’s Anatomy” than someone who is adept at organizing your finances. You want to make your move, but you’re a little hesitant. This is sticky territory. One little misstep and you could easily roll down the slippery slope of creepiness. But just because he has the power to determine whether you eat grilled cheese for the rest of the year doesn’t mean you should miss this romantic opportunity. Take the plunge if you must, but keep these do’s and don’ts in mind.

  1. DON’T make blatant overtures during tax season. For obvious reasons, you don’t want him to think you’re just trying to score financial brownie points. Plan your romantic attack wisely.
  1. DO divert his attention away from money. Steer his attention from financial matters and charm your sexy number cruncher with casual questions about his non-work interests. Better yet, focus on what you can bring to the table.
  1. DON’T be a deadbeat mom. If you’re a single mother and you’re looking to score with your male accountant, make sure you’re taking care of your kids. You never know where the romance may lead, and you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot – definitely not a good look.
  1. DO avoid coming across as super cheap or a spendthrift. Your accountant is a financially savvy stud who will likely appreciate someone with the same outlook about her money.
  1. DO compliment his amazing work ethic. No matter what, guys like to know that you notice how hard they are working. Every guy likes a little ego boost-duh!
  1. DON’T ask him if you can count your dates as tax deductions. You might think you’re being clever; but he won’t think so. No, really, he won’t.
  1. DON’T schedule your date until after you receive your rapid refund. If you can’t afford to go to dinner now, you probably won’t be able to do dinner later.
  1. DON’T ask him out if the status on your W-2 status reads, “married.” This one is self-explanatory.
  1. DO refrain from telling any joke that involves death and taxes. He’s probably heard these at least 14 times in the past three hours. They are no longer cute.
  1. DO ask him what he thinks you should do with your refund. You might be opening Pandora’s box. But Pandora’s box often contains lots of yummy delights.

And ladies, remember to use your romantic whims with care. Sometimes they can be dangerous. In other words, if you’re really trying to cozy up to your hunky accountant, you’ll need to do more than show off your goods to snag his attention. Anything less than that borders on skeevy So to help you hire the right accountant for your business, check some great service here.

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Facebook Games Offer Downtime for Homemakers and Writers

It’s called downtime. Even between scheduled breaks and lunch hours, people need to decompress. But most writers and homemakers don’t get scheduled breaks. This is the real world, and most of us aren’t Peg Bundy, eating bon bons and watching soaps. For some, that’s where Facebook games come in.

What are they?

Facebook games allow players to farm, build empires, and even make social connections. It sounds simple, even childish. Tell that to the millions of Facebook users. The success of Facebook games made by companies like Zynga and Playfish is undeniable. Zynga alone is worth 4.5 billion (Miguel Heft, MSN). But it isn’t necessary to monitor stock reports to understand the popularity of social network gaming. One has only to log in and count the number of updates related to extra-special eggs and alien cow births. These can be phenomenally annoying, but for some players, Facebook games are a way to decompress. They’re easy to play, and just as easy to set aside when real life calls.

Why harvest crops on Farmville or battle snakes on Frontierville?

There are other pc games that far outshine any on Facebook in terms of graphics and plot. In some ways, most don’t quite fit the bill the way that Country Life and Yoville might. While they may not be as intense as World of Warcraft, Diablo II, or Guild Wars, Facebook games are a quick distraction. Cooking “vampire staked steak” on Café World takes less time than running Black Rock Depths or Molten Core in Warcraft. It’s even possible to peek at Facebook at work away from home, since coworkers in surrounding cubicles won’t be treated to the sounds of your pet core hound spouting flame as you use your explosive shot to take down grousing orcs. Best of all, Facebook won’t reel you in and hold you for hours while the laundry goes undone and your articles go unwritten.

Yes, there are numerous PC games that 80s and 90s generation are exceptionally fond of that no social media can have that nostalgic feeling down memory lane but still reading Farmville and Frontierville is like reading the perfect list for jewelry companies.

Facebook games can save sanity.

Catharsis. There are definitions for the term in dictionaries and Wiki pages. Better to keep matters simple. Kill zombies, not your kids. Plant crops that always come up in a predictable pattern, unlike those characters in your story that won’t do what you think they should. Release the tension.

Why does the work from home set need catharsis?

One of the most stressful and misunderstood occupations has got to be that of stay at home parent. Peg Bundy may have enjoyed all-day couch time and snacks while soap operas spun out their improbable tales, but that is not reality. To do the job right, the parent must wear many hats. There are no real breaks and lunch periods, because the responsibility doesn’t stop when the clock strikes the noon hour. Despite the monetary values placed on the roles of childcare workers, chauffeurs, chefs, and housekeepers, staying at home with the kids is undervalued. In fact, according to MSN Money writer Liz Pulliam Weston, a parent who stays at home is worth only about 30,000 a year (Liz Pulliam Weston). That’s a painful fact for anyone whose job offers no real monetary compensation, vacation time, or insurance coverage. Given that fact, shooting some mobsters or blowing up an armored car starts to sound like fun.

Writers may or may not have all the standard business perks, depending on their particular jobs and credits. Writers, for the most part, get what they earn. No article, book, or game content, no pay. Work on your own schedule has its advantages – like being able to stop and play Facebook games. Regardless, the brain smokes. Maybe it’s the facts and figures of high finance that need to be set into readable format. The deadline for that call for content is looming! That horror novel isn’t plausible and you need a new premise.

Whatever challenges the muse, there’s likely a need to stop and let the brain cells cool off.

All intelligent beings need to play. As Stephen King said, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Lighten up with some farming and trail blazing – Facebook style.

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How to Write an Estimate for Cleaning Services

When you run a cleaning service you will inevitably need to offer your customers a quote or an estimate on the cleaning services that they request. If you want to close the most deals possible then you need to learn how to write an effective estimate. This estimate will include itemized cleaning services, prices and notes.

Step #1 – Conduct a Physical Walk-through

The first step in writing a cleaning service estimate is to visit the property that needs to be cleaned. You will talk with the owner of the property when you first arrive. As they give you a tour of the building, office or apartment, you will take notes regarding what cleaning services they need. You will need to take measurements and gather the data that you will need to write up your estimate or quote. After the walk-through shake their hand and tell them that you will have their estimate for them by the end of the day or by the next business day.

Step #2 – Itemize the Cleaning Services

When you are writing up your cleaning services estimate you need to start by itemizing your charges. You can group services together or you can create a very details itemized list. Each itemized line will need to include a description of the service, including measurements, the rate and the final quoted price for that service.  Shine up company offers the best cleaning services to the apartments and flats. The description of this Chicago cleaning company is available at online search engines for the information to the clients. The information provided should be great to meet with the desired results. 

Step #3 – Create a Letterhead

To make your estimate look professional you will want to create a letterhead to add to the top of your quote. The letterhead needs to include your business name, its physical address and your phone number. You can also include a graphic, your email address and your website address.

Step #4 – Add Basic Quote Information

Below your letterhead you will need to add a section to denote who the quote is for, the date and how long the price will be good for.

Step #5 – Add Your Line Items

The next step is to add your line items to your quote or estimate. The line items need to be organized in a logical manner. For example, you can organize the services by alphabetical order, you can organize the services by room or you can organize the services by price.

Step #6 – Create a Tally

Step six is to tally your line items and to create a final quote price. You will want to double check all of your calculations to make sure that they are correct.

Step #7 – Finish Your Estimate

The final step is to edit your estimate and add finishing touches. You will want to add a thank you note at the bottom of the estimate and then edit the estimate for spelling, formatting and punctuation errors.

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Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Carolina Panthers Fans

The NFL season comes at the perfect time during winter holidays, which is all the excuse you need to buy items to support your favorite team. For the Carolina fans, let your team spirit shine through with this Panthers merchandise. Featuring jerseys and other apparel as well as autographed memorabilia, this list of top 10 gifts for Panthers fan will give you everything you need to get your holiday shopping completed.

  1. Luke Kuechly Jersey

If you’ve been watching Panthers games over the past two years, you know how clearly you can hear “Luuuuuuke” being yelled by the crowd. Luke Kuechly has been a defensive powerhouse and fan favorite for Carolina, and this star player’s jersey is a must-have for any Panthers fan. Additionally, in baby gift baskets Toronto, you can get these Jerseys for your friend’s kids as well, making this a perfect gift for any sports fan. 

  1. Steve Smith Autographed Mini Helmet

If you are looking for a one of a kind holiday gift, check out autographed Panthers items. This particular item in their team store, the Steve Smith autographed mini helmet, is one of less than 1,400 ever signed by Smith. This would make a great gift for someone to display in their office or home.

  1. Grey Panthers Two-Tone Polo Shirt

This Carolina polo shirt is the perfect work attire for casual Friday or dinner with the family.

  1. Nike Sideline Collection- Legend Elite Front T-Shirt

The perfect gift for a brand new Panthers fan or a lifelong one, this bright blue Carolina Panthers t-shirt will be able to show off your team spirit year-round!

  1. Carolina Panthers Women’s Gloves

The holiday season brings cold weather, and from walking in the park to going to the game, the women in your life need to stay warm. You can help with this by giving an awesome holiday gift for the female football fans. These Carolina Panthers gloves are the perfect winter accessories for an active lifestyle.

  1. Nike Panthers Fleece Pants

Everyone needs a good pair of sweatpants to wear around the house during the winter. Since everyone likes being warm and comfortable, these Carolina Panthers fleece pants will make a great gift for anyone this holiday season.

  1. Salute to Service Cam Newton Panthers Jersey #1

If you have a friend or family member that has served the United States in duty, or just want to support the troops, this Cam Newton “Salute to Service” special edition jersey is a perfect gift to say thank you.

  1. Kid’s Deluxe Panthers Uniform Set

For the little Panthers fan in your life, the holidays are always a good time to make dreams come true. Make your favorite preschooler a real football player with this uniform kit. The kit comes with a helmet, jersey, football pants, and a set of numbers so that they can be whichever football player they want!

  1. Carolina Panthers Hat- New Era Sideline Fitted Hat

The Panthers team store offers a variety of ball caps, new era hats, winter caps, visors, and more. This particular hat is a bright blue cap with a black bill and the Carolina Panthers logo on the front. On the underside of the bill is the word “Panthers.” This embroidered hat has an adjustable snapback and the NFC logo embroidered on the side.

  1. Panthers iPhone 5 Case

The iPhone 5c and 5s just came out, and a lot of people will be getting new phones this holiday season. And when people get new phones, what is the first thing they need? A new phone case, of course. This holiday season, buy a Panthers phone case and show everyone who you root for!

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Older Video Games You Should Probably Play: Oni

While, in this day and age, very few games can remain completely timeless unless the genre is “retro”, some definitely stick out as less influenced by time than others. Before Bungie’s heyday with the Halo series, but after Marathon, they helped put out a little title called Oni. Oni capitalized on the whole Anime scene and had a very similar backing to Ghost in the Shell. But what makes this title a bit less dated than its other titles is a combination of its animation system and open-ended gameplay.

The gameplay in Oni isn’t particularly one-sided. While it was marketed as a third-person shooter, most of the time you will be duking it out with enemies because you don’t have any ammunition or quarters are too close to open fire safely. And in this combat engine, Oni really shines. These days, interpolating character skeleton animations is commonplace, and typically even expected, but in 2001 it was a lot less common, though not unheard of ( Half-Life was one of the first widely commercial titles to allow this sort of animation ).

But Oni took the skeletal interpolation system and applied beautiful fighting animations with it, leading to some really satisfying combat moves. After you become comfortable with your fists, it’s very satisfying to brawl with your enemies. At the higher levels of difficulty it can be frustrating, but if you keep your head on you’ll generally be able to put down a grouping of enemies with a little patience. If you are looking for an online platform on which you can enjoy this game then you can try unblocked games for office that offers many other older video games. 

The other nice thing about Oni that was rather unusual at the time, is that the game engine is rather open-ended. Most of the time you have to do something simple such as open a door from a computer console ( the main items you interact with ), but how you get to the consoles and in what order is quite varied. Generally, you find yourself in an area, and then you are turned loose to fight the opposition in the level however you see fit. The animations really pull you into the game as you carefully ambush a guard coming around the corner, take his rifle, and down the two guards patrolling in the distance. Oni supports a stealth approach to some degree, but it is not intended to be able to carry you through the entire game.

Outside of the animations which solidify the combat system, the game does not have massively complicated levels with bump mapping and high-resolution textures, you’ll mostly be running around in urban areas with tiles or gravel and computer consoles everywhere ( this is the future, after all! ), but it’s not very often that you are looking at the scenery and considering which kinds of “ugly” it is. Some of the levels are actually impressive in their size, as the roofs atop the Airport Hangar, which are surprisingly large for an older title.

This being said, the story for Oni is fairly generic and you’ll only be mildly compelled by it. Basically you are chasing an arrogant, cliché bad guy through the first part, and you get into a slightly more compelling situation later which doesn’t leave you completely apathetic. The voice acting is very average, though the protagonist’s voices are generally decent.

Either way, you can pick this title up cheap and it is definitely worth the play through if you’re just looking for some nice games to gear you up for the holiday season release. You’ll have fun with the run and gun action, and honing your combat skills is especially satisfying as you pick up new and nicely animated maneuvers.

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An Ultimate Guide Of Go Fest Skill Challenge In Pokemon Go!

In the pokemon go game, the go fest skill challenge is considered which comes with some special type of awards. There are basically three steps in playing this game which you have to complete before the give deadline. Also, once a player has done the go fest skill challenge then they will give the ability to consider the go fest elite skill challenge. This challenge comes with different type of steps in which first the player has to catch 20 pokemon so that they can easily establish this challenge and visit on the next step. After this the player needs to consider and make 5 throws accurately and nicely which varies with 10 pokemon balls. For catching and attracting the pokemons, it is listed that the user has to use 5 berries so that they will be able to catch the pokemon easily. When the player will complete the first challenge then they will get 100XP as well as 1 golden razzberry which they can use earlier. You can visit on the pokemon go google account where you will be able to find about all the information about pokemon go game and its amazing challenges. 

In the next step you have to catch 30 pokemon in which you have to throw the ball for atleast 10 times and after this you have to transfer 20 pokemon. When the player has done this then they will get reward of ducklet encounter as well as 30 XP and 1 silver pinap berry. They can use these rewards earlier for aiming the pokemon.

Know about the 3 challenge and its rewards as:

When the player will reach towards the third challenge then they have to catch 50 pokemons and while throwing balls to the pokemon, their aim should be excellent and clear and in order to this, you have to throw 10 ultra-balls on the pokemon and latsly catching some 15 different type of species for pokemon will help you to get the rewards of flying pikachu encounter, 1 candy which is rare as well as exclusive as well as one star piece. All these are rewarded to the payer when they have reached towards the third challenge and complete them. 

When the player has done all these challenges then they will be shifted to another challenge while is the elit skill challenge and it is also interesting to consider this challenge which comes with some amazing rewards for all its users. 

What is an elit skill challenge and list its rewards?

When a player is considering the elit skill challenge then in the beginning the very first step to be consider is to catch 100 pokemon with the help of 5 pokeballs. The next thing is to consider is catching 25 different and unique type of species for the pokemon by using the 5-great type of balls. And the third step is to consider the 50 excellent and unique throws for catching the pokemon by using the 5 ultra-balls. By considering these throws and balls you will be able to catch the pokemon easily. Despite of this, when we talk about the rewards then the player will be rewarded by 500 XP, 500 stardust as well as 5 razz berries. It also helps you to unlock some of the new goals and challenges for considering different levels of go fest skill challenge in pokemon go game. 

Lastly, all the important as well as useful information is listed in the above section through which it will become beneficial for you to get rewards by doing the challenges.

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