The invisible cities - Curated by Giulia Trabaldo Togna

BOSI Contemporary is pleased to present, The Invisible Cities, a two-person show curated by Giulia Trabaldo Togna featuring works by Inas Al-soqi and Patrice Aphrodite Helmar.


This exhibition, inspired by the homonymous book by Italo Calvino, presents a conversation between the works, aiming to visually interpret the essence of urban life as described by Calvino. Through the collection of tales about imaginary cities, the book creates a surreal world in which the people and the urban landscape merge together to create a concert of impossible skylines and lives whilst addressing issues related to the development of the contemporary city.

June 03 - June 20, 2015

Esther Naor: A Sudden Dark Breeze Over My Uncovered Skin - curated by Lilly Wei

BOSI Contemporary is pleased to present a solo show featuring work by Esther Naor, some of which has never before been exhibited in New York.

Tel Aviv-based artist Esther Naor’s newest work continues to probe themes that have long absorbed her. Based on migration, deracinated traditions, and the shifting, individual experience of community and estrangement, connection and disjunction, they form the heart of her endeavor. Naor, as a resident of a country in a part of the world that is particularly knotted and turbulent, sensitively and inevitably reflects upon its current political, social, and emotional state. Multi-layered narratives, often presented as installations, it is her striking, often surprising and idiosyncratic images across a range of media that make her projects so memorable. 

April 29 - May 30

April 29 - May 30, 2015

Come to Bed! - curated by Roya Sachs

BOSI Contemporary is pleased to present, Come to Bed!, a group exhibition curated by Roya Sachs featuring the works of three female artists, Michelle Jaffé, Marta Jovanović and Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos.


Come To Bed! explores the theme of communication in the sphere of the bed, a lieu that hosts a third of our lives. The all female show focuses on three sectors of communication that bring to play the different usages of the bed, from pillow talk, and self reflection, to technology with our need to stay connected. The installations reorient ideas of time and space, by recreating the most intimate space of all, but in a gallery. By inviting three artists to each create their own intimate environment; we bring to life questions about the individual and the way in which we occupy the space.



March 25 - April 25, 2015

Vital Shift in Central Observer



BOSI Contemporary is pleased to present a two-person show featuring sculptures by Tao Kulczycki and the two new series of paintings by Ian Swanson, never before exhibited in New York. Both artists' works use different techniques and transform their materials into investigations of our humanity. While Tao Kulczycki uses a various assortment of altered objects in order to semi-embody his sculptures with symbols, Ian Swanson's paintings use direct and simple tools of representation to engage the viewer to interpret their inner intensity. The two artists use representation, objects and images we might immediately recognize, and combine them to create a feeling of unfamiliarity. 

February 18 - March 21, 2015

Etiquette Kit - Anna Campbell

BOSI Contemporary is pleased to present, Etiquette Kit, a solo show featuring the works of Anna Campbell. The desires of a culture are laid bare by the tools and props that construct and then accumulate around scenes of the “ideal,” from heroic masculinity to privileged forms of desire. Through sculpture, installation and video, Anna Campbell’s work conflates and abstracts queer and ostensibly normative bodies, cutting from narratives otherwise understood as impermeable, and presenting viewers with assemblages of resultant slices. This critique via form, space, and image challenges the social dynamics that reinforce our constructions of the ideal, the universal versus the deviant, and the particular or minor, and owes much to the radical potential of failure, a deconstructing force that has been instrumental in shaping her work.

January 14 - February 14, 2015

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