BOSIDAMJANOVIC Gallery is pleased to present the New York debut of the Rome-based artist Marinella Paolini.

Marinella Paolini has chosen to direct her focus to urban reality by singling out as her privileged subject architectural structures, which she carefully observes and analyses in their distinguishing details. Her photographic exploration of these structures is directed neither simply at documentation, nor at an objective and descriptive representation of reality, but precisely at an aesthetic expression of her subjects. For Mrs. Paolini architecture is not only one of the forms of external reality to be captured with her photographic device: it represents above all a field of action, a certain “dynamics of the gaze”. This allows her to perform a gesture, namely one of “shoot and release” that tends to catch not just an event, a “situ-action”, an unrepeatable instant, but also the “physiognomical” aspect of the structures, by probing their details up to the detection of the frame that best renders its features, as if it were a face to portray and therefore to grasp its essence, its soul. 

Opening Reception: Tuesday November 22, 6-9pm

November 23, 2011 - December 15, 2011


BOSI Contemporary is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition of works by Beatrice Scaccia and Marta Jovanovic.

Throughout her multimedia works, Marta Jovanovic constructs scenarios in which she interrogates identity, beauty and sexuality. Whether through performance, drawing or photography, her interdisciplinary practice provokes a reconsideration of the dictates of culture and the construction of sexual identity. 

Beatrice Scaccia’s intimate narratives subvert traditional notions of gender through storytelling formats influenced by the narrative schemes of medieval and Renaissance altarpieces and an emphasis on the figure. Loosely rendered in wax, pencil and chalk on paper, Scaccia invents characters drawn from contemporary society that exist in ambiguous spaces devoid of context. 

Opening Reception: Wednesday September 7, 6-9pm

September 7, 2011 - November 1, 2011

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