Feb 21, 2013 - Mar 17, 2013

Mariano Ferrante

Dynamic Constructions

Mariano Ferrante experiments permanently in the quest for the concretion of his work. The use of the different materials (oil, acrylic, enamel or vinyl) is not random, they appear on the canvas, the paper or a wall, for a carefully thought of reason and after a long process. That is why Ferrante´s work questions art history as well as his own work to obtain a new approach. Ferrante works freely, intertwining reason and emotion. Each piece is an area open to exploration, investigation, discussion and development.  ‘ I start out with an idea, and the act of making it happen becomes a performatic act because I attempt to find in this experience, the action and the meaning of my work’ says Ferrante. The paintings are directly connected to the space they inhabit. Ferrante does not use drawing as a symbolic system. He rather gets there as a result of an action, which allows him to develop this solid construction system conceptually and formally. A single element, such as a line, is orbited once and again, in a sustained rhythm, and if the scale allowed it, we would see a circle.

The use of oil pastels is connected to the physical and spiritual features of this material, which leaves behind traces of itself, generating a textured skin, humid and sticky that absorbs light and changes continually in a perpetual transformation of color and its rhythms.

If the color palette is reduced to seven colors, as suggested by Soto for instance, and drawing a parallelism with musical notes, each color corresponds to a note. Thus, colors articulate creating a reading rhythm, and if these colors change constantly due to the variation of the light, causing a constant modification of this rhythm, as a sort of ‘visual music’.

Lines articulate through color, pressure, speed, repetition, tiredness and love, embedded in the purity and precision of form.