Curated by Manish Vora

Jun 20, 2013 - Jun 30, 2013

Elizabeth Jordan

Elizabeth Jordan

Jordan's photography aims to capture the momentum and hardship of life whilst creating an agent of change. She takes images of harsh or tough subjects and exposes their softer side, transforming them into something beautiful and dignified.


Being the daughter of a photographer, Jordon has been passionate about creating art starting a young age, but it was five years ago, meeting women on the streets of Rwanda, that ignited her journey across the globe. She has since traveled to Russia, Burma, Bosnia, Ghana, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Haiti to shoot projects that range from sports to health to micro-finance and education.


Jordon’s depictions of people in war-torn and developing countries have been featured around the world. By creating juxtaposition between these stark images and their colorful execution, it allows the viewer to investigate the truth in innocence, the struggle towards empowerment and the hope that is shared universal. Her core desire is that through displaying her work on a global stage, she will reach towards facilitating emotional and spiritual awareness throughout the world.

Jordan’s work has been recognized and or featured in The New York Times, Vogue, Tatler Asia, and Digital Photo Pro. She has been awarded Donna Karan’s Women who Inspire Award in 2010 and received the Graphic Professionals Resource Network Gold Award for superb craftsmanship and production for her book on Rwanda in 2009.