Born                Civitavecchia, Italy (1965)

Currently        Lives and works in Italy


Marinella Paolini was born on April 10th, 1965, in the Roman town of Civitavecchia. At the age of 19 she began her professional career as a photographer, shooting travel documentaries and her great passion, portraits. For almost five years she collaborated with different photo studios, developing extensive experience and a versatile approach. She has been working for the last twenty years as a freelancer in contemporary art, architecture and design, in partnership with some of the biggest national and international magazines, focusing her photographic lens on the perfect geometry that has been created by some of the most important architects in the world. Paolini’s work was featured on the covers of more than a hundred architectural and interior design magazines. With her Nikon she has captured many personalities that have left their mark in the world of art, culture, politics and architecture. In partnership with the art director Biba Mogherini, she founded Forme d’Arte Italia, an art production cooperative, which collaborated with international artists such as Sergio Fermariello, Nicola Bolla and Paola Romano.